The New 2011 Mazda2, Yaris and Jazz Competitor

The New 2011 Mazda2 Competitor Yaris and Jazz

JAKARTA-President Director of PT Mazda Motor Indonesia (MMI) Yoshiya Horigome claimed more optimistic if the Mazda2 will continue to be a strong competitor in its segment, in the years ahead.

It was said Horigome, after seeing the total cumulative sales of the Mazda2 to November 2010, which has reached 3.500 units.

"We see the Mazda2 will continue to grow until next year. Mazda2 will continue to be one of the top choices for customers by offering attractive value of the total, making it a very competitive product in its segment, "Horigome said in a release received Legal, Monday (12/13/2010).

Therefore, MMI as the sole agent (ATPM) Mazda cars in Indonesia try to continue to embrace the Mazda2 users and prospective customers Mazda2.

Among them through Stylish Mazda2 Rally last weekend. The event is also at the same time be a means of doing Mazda2 is the first community gathering.

"Customers are 'ambassadors' best of our products; they are the key actors behind the rise in the name of the Mazda2 to the surface of the automotive market. Rally This is an opportunity for us to meet each other and know each other," added Horigome.

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