Suzuki 2011 New Shogun,Change Name With Axelo ?

Suzuki 2011 New Shogun,Change Name With Axelo ?
JAKARTA-The presence of the latest generation of Suzuki Shogun a matter of time. PT Indomobil Suzuki Sales (SIS) has plans to uncover the veil of New Shogun early next month.

Latest news mentioning, Suzuki will use the new name for this latest generation Shogun. Axelo, so that carried the name New Shogun.

When it dikonfimasikan to the General Manager of Marketing 2W SIS Joko Utomo, he did not want to blunt. "Later on that," he said to Legal.

He also did not expressly deny the news and agrees to use the name Shogun SIS Axelo sebegai latest title from the presence of New Shogun.

However Joko only mentioned 4-5 january 2011 SIS as a motorcycle manufacturer Suzuki in Indonesia will invite all journalists to witness first hand how a form of New Shogun. (UKy)

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