New Mercedes-benz C300 Sport Sedan

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The C300 Sport Sedan is equipped with a standard 3.0-liter, V6, 228-horsepower engine that achieves 18-mpg in the city and 26-mpg on the highway. A 6-speed manual transmission with overdrive is standard. The C63 AMG Sport Sedan is equipped with a standard 6.2-liter, V8, 451-horsepower engine that achieves 12-mpg in the city and 19-mpg on the highway. A 7-speed automatic transmission with overdrive is standard.

The look: This is purely subjective so I won't say much besides that I love the new design language MB is using. 10 out of 10.The drive: The C300 has the smaller engine which is supposed to save gas. I really don't see any savings since I have been averaging 16.3 MPG and that is good mix of highway and city street driving. Not impressed. The engine has good torque from a stop but on the highway, I really miss the power of my Infiniti G35 which was very quick. This C300 feels a little slow for a luxury car. With 4 people, you really wish you bought the C350 I have Honda Civics beating me at lights which is embarrassing. Otherwise the ride is smooth as silk and very quiet. Almost no noise over bumps. 4 out of 10.
The interior: This is where I have my biggest problems. I think MB skipped on the money with the cheap interior. So much plastic in a $41,320 car? Absurd to see hard plastic and misfitted mouldings and trim in such a car. The sunroof malfunctioned and refused to close properly. The dealer fixed the problem in 5 minutes and was very kind to offer a reason. The retracable Navigation screen is a joke. They should just leave it open because it seems it does not want to open and close. In fact, last week at the dealership, the screen would not open and since I was there already, they repaired it as well. The rear seats are too small for adults and the headroom is poor. In the front, my shoulders touch the person next to be. Interior space is quite small and feels smaller with the dark interior plastic. 1 out of 10.The value: As I said, I was able to pay less than half because of a trade in I had. Otherwise I would not say this represents a good value. For $41,320 as mine stickered and paid (without trade-in) I would not buy one out right. A lease may be the answer if you are looking for a better value. Resale value is below average. A Lexus holds value much better and is cheaper initially. 2 out of 10.
Overall: I have to say I am a bit disappointed with MB. On one hand they have designed a beautiful machine, yet on the other hand, they managed to cut corners in quality and reliability. For example, the drive is smooth and quite but on tight turns, the 4Matic system binds up and shudders. The dealer said to me that in time it should improve but they have had many complaints about this problem and it is an engineering problem. The other two problems I mentioned are not major items but annoying when spending $41,320 on a car. The interior as I said also seems to be assembled under rushed conditions for the glovebox is loose, the power sunroof controls are loose and other small pieces. Now it is only 3 months so I am begining to wonder what this will be like in 3 years?

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