NEW 2009 FORD VERVE : Reviews and Specs

Ford, Some keys to success:1) Update your models within 4 years; don't stretch it out as long as you do (ie Ford Ranger has the same styling since 1993; the Focus went 7 years (2000 - 2007; don't even get me started with the Taurus) without serious updates. 2) Fuel economy...don't brag about 30 MPG; 30 MPG is not good enough. When you put hybrids in the Fusions, Focus', Verves, etc., then brag. 3) Bring new cars to market sooner. How can you increase market share when your competitors already have the concepts you speak of on the road now?4) Have a line up which will appeal to younger drivers (affordable and stylish). You have too many cars outside the reach of people of limited means. Give these people a reason to join the Ford family, especially at a young age, and get them to want to stay within the family regardless of age or status.5) Lose the conservative styling. Get the designers who created the Edge and Verve to lead and approve the design for other cars. Retire the designers of the Taurus and Lincolns. 6) Make more of your options standard equipment. People like a lot of standard equipment but do not want to be gouged.7) Improve quality. I do think it has improved. Use quality parts from suppliers. When you see a specific part failing repeatedly from a supplier which increase customer repair bills; hold these suppliers accountable; make them pay or find a better supplier.8) Lincoln should be the flagship and should have a look of their own instead of a rebadged Ford. Not sure what the marketing strategy is for this line up. I am sure the Fords are built on the same line as the Lincolns, but feel Ford should adjust their marketing by saying Fords are built on the Lincoln assembly line instead of saying Lincolns are built on the Ford assembly line.

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