2009 Ford Focus European Models : Reviews and Specs

I agree completely! I went to the UK on vacation and was jealous of the Ford Focus and even Fiesta designs that they get. I love the sleek two door hatchback and as a first time buyer I got a VW Rabbit, the NA Focus versions just aren't sharp and don't seem to be aimed at young buyers. As an European person I can tell you: Ford is doing fine in Europe, although because of the economic crisis affecting the total car sales, it affects Ford in Europe as well.I am curious about the American consumer: why do American cars have such a poor quality and poor plastic materials inside and why do consumers accept that? As an European person I hope that the design of Ford vehicles will not deteriorate when American engineers/ marketing execs help the engineers in Cologne to design European Ford vehicles. It is already a problem in Europe: German and Swiss people demand higher quality cars and materials than English people. I am in favour of the former party and put some extra quality in a car and I am prepared to pay for that.

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