New 2009 Toyota Rush : Reviews and Specs

Toyota Rush should be considered as Daihatsu Terrios 2 as the Terrios 1 is name as Kembara in Malaysia. Both Rush and Terrios 2 is actually the same car like the Toyota Passo and the Daihatsu Siron. I saw it selling in Taiwan, the door panel and the dashboard are gorgeous.While we might have the Rush come in as a Perodua to replace the Kembara, let’s not discount the fact that it could possibly come in as a Perodua-assembled Toyota instead (as the Avanza is now). Now many will argue that the Rush is too compact to be a Toyota, but there is actually a long wheelbase version of the Toyota Rush that is sold as a 5+2 seater vehicle. This is where Toyota excel the most… selling what the people want. You want a 7 seater and short on cash, go get the Avanza. Want something more adventurous, get the Rush.
Seats 7 in 3 rows. Back air-con vent to cool the rear passenger (some more expensive SUV dun even have this). Who cares about the el cheapo head units or fabric… look at the price…!!! though i think its a little on the high side, in this country the Rush price is competitive.
The normal wheelbase Bego/Terios/Toyota Rush has a wheelbase of 2,580mm but this stretched Indonesian version has a wheelbase of 2,685mm! There is a historical precedent, as Daihatsu Indonesia’s Taruna F-series was a stretched 5+2 Terios! Compared to the new Honda CR-V, the CR-V has a shorter wheelbase of 2,620mm.
The engine still remains as a Daihatsu-based 1.5 liter VVT-i though, the same 3SZ-VE unit as the one currently in the Toyota Avanza 1.5 making 109 PS at 6,000rpm and 141Nm of torque at 4,400rpm.

If you like the quiver of the life of city as much as great outside, precipitation is a SUV worked just for you. Smooth enough for the urban landscape, while adapting to enough for the recreation of weekend.
The all new precipitation of Toyota, will come in three alternatives to maximize the vendability of product:
1.1.5G (manual), has the price indicated to RM85,888.00 (private individual) with the insurance and the road tax
2. 1.5G (automatic), has the price indicated to RM88,888.00 (private individual) with the insurance and the road tax
3. 1.5S (automatic), has the price indicated to RM94,888.00 (private individual) with the insurance and the road tax
By looking at the new precipitation of Toyota, I note that the model will see sophisticated, with the short overhangs and the long footing to underline the large wheels with each corner, which gives a direction of stability. It will come as any surprise if you are constantly take-towards the top by its attracting rockets of wheel, vigorous glances and to name before ahead, which proves to be the being hard. Having the dynamic devices like - the cap curvaceous, the headlights and the lamps postpone combi, make new Toyota precipitate all too fascination.

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