On October 2nd at the 2008 Paris International Auto Show, we will all get to see the latest Concept model of Honda Insight. The production version should go on sale in the U.S. by next spring. The original Insight hybrid was a streamlined two-door hatchback, but the upcoming 2010 model will be a larger five-door hatchback. Judging by the new outlook, the design are inspired by the Toyota Prius and the Honda FCX Clarity combined. The sloped styling limits interior load capibility. My 4 runner had quite a bit more more inside due to the styling. MP3 plug in should be standard for this price, but don't think it is even available. The care is very comfortable in town and on longer road trips. Took 4 adults on a 12 hour road trip with golf clubs and we were all very comfortable. I really like the way the seats fold down without having to flip the rear bench seat forward. Would like to see seat cooling for this luxory brand. Leather gets very hot in our Sacramento summers. Overall a very satisfying vehicle and you can't beat Luxus service and reliabilityHonda claims the Insight will use a more cost-effective version of today’s Integrated Motor Assist (IMA) powertrain, enabling the car to be priced under current hybrids. The base retail price for the 2009 Civic hybrid in the US is $23,550; the 2009 Prius is $22,000. Referred to by Honda as a "small car," the new Insight is about 2.5 inches shorter bumper to bumper, one inch narrower, and two inches lower in height than the Prius.

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