New Fuel Jupiter Z: 1 Liter Can Taking 35-45 Km that Petrol Filling every 100-125 km

New Jupiter Z Yamaha 2010

Before proceeding with the travel notes of New Jupiter Z Yamaha in Bali-Jakarta trip, I want to emphasize again that all written here based on feeling and measuring instruments attached to the motor. For example, for the speed measured by the speedometer attached to the motor. To test ride the editor using a special measuring instrument such as Vericom or Race Logic, wait on the game. And if readers want to come test ride with us, please join the forum, we often do test ride with the reader. Continuing the travel records with the New Jupiter Z, where I live as a rider (not based on a story the other riders) to the Bali-Jakarta route, this time I wanted to convey the fuel consumption of new duck this Yamaha. And should be understood that the measurement of fuel consumption is also not absolute precision. Why? Because the numbers will I have to say later is the prediction based on the total distance traveled by the estimated number of filled gasoline. If you want to use precision measuring cup. And the results in this paper is based on my driving style has a weight of 60 kg. Details as follows. We start all the motors full optional (see the indicator gasoline) by volume of the tank New Jupiter Z for 4.2 liters. In the course of about 2-2,5 hours or 100-125 km distance, performed Premium refueling. Well, that's the benchmark I use to predict the fuel consumption of 113 cc of this duck. On route Kuta (Bali) to Gilimanuk, I consider the most wasteful fuel route. Track ups and downs and many turns. Group velocity is not more than 70 km / hour. My position in the party are on the second row. When turing, most riders in front of the group will be more profligate than the rear because the group is often a sudden the gas lid to keep pace with voreider. In Kuta-Gilimanuk route, I also often use 3rd gear (read here). As a result, the engine rotation is often forced to spin a little higher. When charging, I saw the gas gauge needle on the red line near the left side. My prediction that time, if a little late so I ride a motor that will run out of gas. Based on this fact, I expect to wasteful consumption, fuel consumption New Jupiter Z is 1:35. On the way selajutnya, such as Surabaya, Semarang route or Semarang-Cirebon, I classify the use of efficient. Although it was an average group velocity 90-100 km / hour. But the way in which most of the flat and straight. My prediction of his fuel consumption by 1:45. But there are some fellow riders who can claim to 1:50. For more precise test using measuring instrument, wait his test ride on Sourche .

Author: Agus Triyono Zoelis Photo: Asmara

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