Toyota Corolla Altis Vl Automatic Images & Specifications

Toyota Corolla Altis Vl Automatic Images & Specifications Toyota Corolla Altis Vl Automatic Images & Specifications
The Corolla Altis is for all practical purposes & a no-risk choice for a compact luxury sedan. It is consistently reliable and inexpensive to operate. Good fuel economy, no gimmicky styling and a good list of options offer buyers a lot to choose from. Toyota has done it again. Altis is a great car. It is good value for money in the Thai market where very few cars offer that. Running costs will be low, and fuel economy will be good. Similar to Camry, the new Altis features elegant, sharper style. At 4,540mm long, 1,760mm wide, and 1,470mm high, the Altis will be 10mm longer, 60mm wider and 20mm lower than the current model. The wheelbase will be unchanged at 2,600mm, but with the wider track and lower center of gravity.
The extra width has improved the cabin space, and although slightly lower, the Altis is still 50mm taller than the Honda Civic. Previously Toyota had been restricting the width of the Corolla to 1,700mm to avoid a higher tax in Japan, which had resulted in a awkwardly tall and ungainly looking stance for the current model. The integration of the hood into the body of the car is clearly visible. The fender awesomely coincides with the hood. The cluster headlamps add creativity to the design.
Altis feels roomy and spacious. The floor in the back is virtually flat, so middle seat passengers will have less to complain about. And they will also benefit from a 3-point seat belt. The boot is also spacious, and thanks to the use of a Torsion Beam in the rear suspension, wheel arch intrusions into the boot are kept to a minimum. The steering wheel looks similar to the one from the Camry, with four spokes, and includes audio controls. Looking through it, the dials are very clear. It has large self-illuminating digits surrounding conventionally sized radial speedometer and rev-counter.Two small LCD displays are inset, one in each dial.
On the right is a standard odometer with trip counter function, while the one on the left shows you if a door hasn't been shut, and has a very nicely implemented real-time fuel consumption indicator. Both of these displays are backlit in amber, and are also very clear and easy to read. Functions are selected with a little stalk button next to each of the displays.
Corolla Altis is excellent at smoothing out bumps, but this ride quality comes at the expense of driver involvement. The new model has changed all that, thanks to brand new suspension, and a new electric steering system. A newly-developed L-arm MacPherson strut is a compact and rigid solution, which brings the suspension strut in-board of the wheel hub to improve noise and vibration suppression. This design improves straight line stability, and steering responsiveness.
Rear suspension is by way of a new torsion beam which is a popular arrangement as it allows increased boot space. The suspension layout separates the coil spring and damper while allowing a wider track for the cargo area. The new Electric Power Steering (EPS) provides a high level of control. Additionally, the EPS system contributes to fuel economy since it only uses power when steering force assistance is needed, and since it doesn't require hydraulic fluid, it is also more environmentally friendly than conventional power steering systems.The corolla is priced very well. The new Corolla is bigger and wider than the previous one, which the legroom and headroom in the interior has been enhanced. The comfort will be increased in further by creating a flat rear. Further more, the car comes with audio controls in the steering wheel.For safety, the new Corolla Altis is equipped with ABS and dual airbags in front for the driver and co-driver. An advanced seat called WIL concept seat which protect your body from extra strains and impacts.In overall, it is a great car for economic or family usage
Toyota engines have been leading the way in terms of refinement and efficiency of late, and this is set to continue with the use of new dual VVT-i engines in the new model. The Altis has the same 1.8L VVT-i engine as that of an existing Corolla model, tweaked ECU and fuel injection system, improved emission conformity and better fuel efficiency.
The dual VVT-i engines take Toyota's cam shaft variation one step further, allowing independent cam shaft variation for both intake and exhaust timing using one electro-hydraulic variation system for each of the cam shafts. Toyota says that the new clutch-facing material was designed with the environment in mind.
Displacement: 1794cc , 4 cyl, DOHC ,VVT-i
Engine Type: Petrol
Maximum Power: 132bhp@6000rpm
Maximum Torque: 170Nm@4200rpm
Toyota Corolla Altis Vl Automatic Images & Specifications
Length: 4540 mm
Width: 1760 mm
Height: 1465 mm
Seating Capacity: 5
Tyre Size: 205/55 R 16
Suspension: MacPherson Strut/ Torsion Beam
Turning Circle: 5.30 mtrs.
Boot Space: 475.00 ltrs.
Steering: Tilt
Brakes: Front Ventilated, Rear Disk
Gears: 4 Automatic
Ground Clearance: 180.00 mm
Kerb Weight: 1210.00 kgs.
Fuel Tank: 55.00

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