All New Honda Odissey 2008 2009

All-New Odyssey come up more style, coherent, and elegan of sporty compared to his old brother, with angleand kontour of bodi domed. According to Honda, this new concept application with goals can awaken feeling of people to see, drive and driving. Then of course enjoy car as vehicle of peaceful and balmy for modern family. Vehicle Postur is slimer. Honda mention it is more sensual and dynamic. Than from other sideing, this vehicle it is true looked to be like dilution siluet with one movement line of next kap to roof behind ( used as this concept of advertisement of teaser before this MPV launched). Other development taken is improve quality of door pillars. Target of to be stronger but dimension can be minimized. Herewith, besides peaceful progressively, also open on to which more and more wide , both for passenger and also driver residing in depth.

Consumer expectation which on the market Honda new product is more fuel consumption economize and emission environment lower. For that, Honda install machine 2,4 litre, DOHC, transmission plus i-VTEC of CVT laboring of converter torque ( combination of outomatic conventional and CVT). Explained, besides fuel goals and emission can reach, performa of vehicle also more and more to setle and gratify. Pursuant to result of tes for the version of standard, fuel consumption 13,2 km / litre. For that, all control fitur use DBW or wire by drive". Also there is mode addition of ECON to yield more fuel consumption economize, that is combination pengontrolan of CVT and of AC to lessen machine burden.

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