New Honda Tiger 2011 : Review and Specs

The Tiger Legend is first time produced by year 1994, Tiger have improve as motor of bike which enough powerfull and one of the variant of exclusive sport type of Honda. Since 1995, " Tiger Club"Community also start to pop out in all sort of town in Indonesia, The last In 12 year , Tiger become motor of bike is which is very liked by all fans good to use day every or of just simply ridden at weekend. Inform Tiger even also experience of the make-up of which enough significant and met many media many and of internet through all sort of milis. New Tiger continue to maintain its excellence mechanically which is friendly environment and also more proud and taft design new with appearance of fitur-fitur new as follows : Model dynamic new Tiger impress more agresive, form which functionable massive from a sport type motorbike. Compound exterior All like materials tank of baker, shroud, conclusion of bodi behind and, next spathboard and behind, especial lamps, back and also sign, rear view and of knalpot entirely come up with design new . " Racing crossbar Velg 5" new berdesign which more strengthening of impression of sporty. Head Lamp provided with " Meteor of Visor" which aerodinamic giving to feel balmy at the (time) of speed high. " Honda Wing Mark" fuel tank as real indentitas of motorbike sport type of Honda Supply of back of disc brake which come up more sporty and is dressy of moge, using diameter brake disc of of 220 mm with single system

Honda Tiger EX Public Square Indonesia, From dimension facet and of spek machine, sport type motor have capacities 200 cc this still is equal to previous version. Compared to with version of Revo launched last year, this is New Tiger more and slim of macho typical of immanent sport motor. Do not Merely that, its appearance more futurisktik and carry unsimmetrical concept. So that give amenity in eyesight. Sensational change see at next lamp with desain two unit which each other adjoining. For especial lamp distinguish circular and all square lamp far mica. Vexed, getting information of detail tomorrow.

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New Kawasaki KLX 150S 2009 : Review and Specs
MSRP $2,099
The days of settling for cramped ergonomics and limited performance aboard simple one-sized machines are over. With its 19 front / 16 rear wheels and advanced rear shock, Kawasakis KLX140L dirtbike is the ideal match for more experienced or longer-limbed fans of small displacement off-road machines. Its more elementary sibling; the 17 front / 14 rear KLX140, is a first-rate option for novices and smaller riders

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