Aprilia has always been the undisputed leader in the 125 cc Supersport, a market segment where Aprilia has pioneered new concepts and advanced solutions, and developed a technology that others have trouble to follow. Like all Aprilia motorcycles, the RS 125 has benefited from advanced technology developed after years of success in GP racing, and quickly turned into production. Over the years, the RS 125 has led to a reputation as the standard setter for sports-125's. Sales success has also along with the RS 125 topping the sales tables on the main European markets. The RS 125 is the unavoidable choice of riders entering Sport Production racing. And rightfully so, because when the competition is hard, there is simply no other bike like the Aprilia RS 125. The Aprilia RS 125 gives young riders the best components and equipment, and a concentration of technical refinements of a worthy flagship supercar. The following are just some of the main features of the Aprilia RS 125:

• tested yet extremely sophisticated Rotax two stroke engine;

• super-rigid aluminum frame and swingarm derived from Aprilia's GP extensive experience;

• upside down fork;

• Front brake with radial four-piston calipers and against;

• RSV 1000 R style fairing, windshield and tail;

• RSV Factory style, crossed spoke wheels;

• analog / digital instrument panel with multifunction computer;

• RSV Factory style, forged steering yoke;

• diameter oval race silencer with riveted end plates;


The mean, cutting edge appearance of the new RS 125 tells you that this is a professional racing machine. The styling of the RS, like that of all Aprilia sports bikes, is the result of careful aerodynamic research. The cockpit, for example, was perfected by extensive wind tunnel testing, to great wind protection and minimum drag for maximum efficiency to ensure circuit. The fairing, windshield and tail not only look mean and aggressive, but the RS 125 a blistering top speed achieved, eliminating all turbulence around the rider and allows man and machine become one. The latest generation twin halogen headlights also contributes to the average appearance of the new RS 125, delivering a high power beam for improved visibility and safety at night. The slender tails looks exactly like the tails of a GP-Racer. Thanks to the efforts to design the RS 125's tail, not even the passenger seat disturbs the bike impeccable lines. The crossed spoke wheels are not only lighter and stylish, but safer and more reliable too.


The powerful but reliable, single cylinder, two stroke, Rotax-Aprilia engine needs no introduction. Through the years she has an unsurpassed reputation as reliable on the track and on the road. Even today, this engine offers technical solutions that are state of the art for two strokes, including a crankcase reed intake, liquid cooling, an anti-vibration balancer shaft and an automatic mixing system. The RS 125 is the engine constantly updated over the years in line with the latest emission control legislation without penalizing performance. A catalytic converter and precision single cylinder two stroke carburetor won Aprilia's homologation to Euro 3 standards. And it is amazing that it was achieved without loss of performance: Aprilia RS 125 engine remains the reference point for all 125 cc engines.

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