Nissan Prices Juke 2010 2011

Nissan Prices Juke  2010 2011

Nissan Prices Juke  2010 2011

Nissan Prices Juke  2010 2011
The price seems a bit altino attack (though not excessive), because if the car is seen with the Soul, the C3 Picasso and other compact crossover.
The price of the Cube is torppo high contrast, even if a car is very interesting and well finished I would see in a segment below the Juke and not vice versa.
The Juke is still a nice and original car, which certainly make it less boring cityscape today.
Nissan announced a price list of Juke, eccentric crossover available at dealerships from October with an extensive range of three engines and as many outfits. It starts with the 1.6 Visia, proposed 16,490 euros, while the cheapest diesel (1.5 dCi Visia version) are required 17,990 euros. The 1.6-T turbocharged DIG is offered in progress Acenta to 21,540 euros, rising to 27,290 euros for the 1.6-T DIG Tecna with automatic transmission and AWD.

Already since the release Visia, the Juke Series offers six airbags, ABS and ESP, manual climate control (automatic for Visia), 16-inch alloy wheels, folding reclining rear bench seat, radio with CD player and MP3 connection. Nissan also offers a catalog of accessories consisting of only five items: metallic paint (450 euros), Sport Package includes sports 17-inch wheels, rear window, tinted interior and Premium (400 euros), the Connect system (800 euros) , Automatic CVT (1,500 euros, for the only naturally aspirated 1.6 engine) and leather interior (1,000 euros). Nissan Juke can be ordered by Monday, June 14. Following the full list.

Juke Nissan 1.6 Visia: 16,490 euros
Juke Nissan 1.5 dCi Visia: 17,990 euros

Juke Nissan 1.6 Acenta: 18,440 euros
Juke Nissan 1.5 dCi Acenta: 19,940 euros
Juke Nissan 1.6 Acenta DIG-T: 21,540 euros
Juke Nissan 1.6 Tekna: 20,840 euros
Juke Nissan 1.5 dCi Tekna: 22,340 euros
Juke Nissan 1.6 Tekna DIG-T: 23,840 euros
Juke Nissan 1.6 Tekna 4WD MCVT DIG-T: 27,290 euros

But because there's only four-wheel drive with a drive and moreover the most powerful and expensive? I would have made available four-wheel drive on all engines and all the preparations so would become a worthy rival Suzuki SX4 and Fiat Sedici have had and are having some success thanks to their range (especially the SX4). Spend 27,290 euros for a veicilo such does not make sense at these prices you bring home a Suzuki Grand Vitara with lots of low gears and very complete equipment.Nissan Prices Juke  2010 2011

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