Nissan Roox Mini 2009 Announced for Tokyo Premiere

Nissan Roox Mini 2009  Announced for Tokyo Premiere

Words of engineering wisdom from someone with the name of a tractor engine.
The Japanese can teach you a thing or two about making cars. It has the limit of length, thus they maximize the roof (looks horrible in here).Most of them always look similar, nothing change, even since 2000s, the interiors are mostly only changing from boxy to rounded. But some K cars from Nissan have interesting design, in term of they are really different. In Indonesia, some of them are sold well from gray market for soccer mom (X5 or Q7 are too big in our country) . Is the style or this Nissan too close to Honda Zest Spark that I can say it is a copy? May be the only new thing in the body style is its side-opening door .Looking like an angry shoebox on wheels, the Roox features a chrome grille, sliding rear doors (which can be opened remotely with the keyfob), and a large greenhouse.
Despite it's small size (it measures 3,395mm long, 1,475mm wide, and 1,735mm high), the Roox is the most spacious four-seater in it's class. For even greater flexibility, the rear seats can be folded down to expand the cargo capacity. Other goodies include a drink cooler in the upper glove box and a storage bin hidden underneath the passenger seat.
While Nissan neglected to specify what engine powers the Roox, details will likely be released later this month.
Look for the Roox to hit the streets of Japan this December.
Source: Nissan

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