New Rolls Royce RR4 2010 : Reviews , Photo and Specification

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars have announced the official name for the model only known as the new Rolls-Royce RR4 so far, previewed as the 200EX Concept early this year. What advantages will this motorcar have over say, a subway train (a regular train is a little too extravagant for the financialocalypse), which I can also afford?The shots show a car with typical Rolls Royce style, but at a more-Financiapocalypse-like price of between $200,000 and $250,000. This makes sense as the Rolls Royce RR4 is set to be slated between parent company BMW'and the top-of-the-line Rolls Royce Phantom, with parts from the former and the style of the latter. The new exterior photos also give us a more clear picture of the curvier shape and sleeker profile of the new Rolls Royce. Just use your imagination to add the gigantic chrome grille.

The new car will be called the Rolls-Royce Ghost, in a similiar naming theme with its bigger brother, the Phantom. Perhaps with conspicuous consumption falling out of favor, you're looking to downsize from your Phantom. Perhaps you're Kanye West and you feel the need to lower your public profile, but you don't want to give up your Roller's famously coddling ride. Well, B-list celebrities and hangers-on, Rolls-Royce has your number, and it's called the Ghost.
Also released with the announcement are some updated specs. The 200EX Concept had a V12 engine (no other details) and a 6-speed auto. The final Rolls-Royce Ghost production car will have a 6.6 liter turbocharged V12 – that’s up 0.6 liters from the 6.0 liter unit in the BMW 760i.
Like the 760i, it will be mated to a ZF 8-speed automatic, and while Rolls-Royce says the 6.6 liter will produced over 500 horsepower, it may very well be closer to 600 since the 760i already makes 544 horses.
Dimensions-wise. the Ghost will measure 5399mm long, 1948mm side, and 1550mm tall with a wheelbase of 3,295mm. That’s a good measure longer than the F02 LWB 7-Series 3,210mm wheelbase, but shorter than the Phanton’s 3,571mm and the Phantom Coupe’s 3,320mm.
This set contains interior shots of two separate RR4 prototypes—one has what appears to be a steering wheel from the '09 7-series, while the second test vehicle has a fully badged Rolls-Royce wheel, with revised switches that give us the true look of the new Roller's steering wheel.
The RR4 is expected to arrive as a 2010 model with a price ranging between $250,000 -$280,000—about 100-grand less than Rolls Royce's flagship Phantom. The RR4 will share many components with the '09 7-series, but we're beginning to see that those shared bits will definitely lie beneath the surface.Looks like they ran out of car there toward the rear end.

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