Norton 961 SE Commando First Look 2010

Oh and it's a nice looking bike. Seems like the suspension is kind of over kill for the motor though. they could easily put Showas or KYBs on it and sell it for 3k quid less. But then it would lose some of that rarity effect, as well as the cool gold bits.All alas, I'm just a regular middle-income fellow so canot oblige, but if they would make a 'dumbed-down' version, I'd be on it like like a 2-year old with a lollipop!. You know ditch the BST for something more regular, Ohlins for showa's, brembos for nissins, sans any spendy carbon fiber, substitute for black (flat, matte, gloss..whatever is appropriate), bring er in at $9-10k and I'm in!!
Gorgeous looking bike. This is what the modern Triumph Bonnevilles should have been.
Shame about this Norton's troubled past and not coming to production.
Hopefully it will happen.
It now looks like September could see the first of the new Norton 961 SE Commandos rolling off the production line. Although very similar in appearance to the ‘Kenny Dreer’ machine, it has been totally re-engineered and now boasts fuel injection.

The motor remains a pushrod Parallel Twin and is expected to give 80-85 hp in its final form. The frame too remains as per the prototype, BST carbon fiber wheels, Ohlin’s forks and twin rear shocks; along with Brembo brakes also mirror the original. Only 200 of these new machines will be built, all coming with a numbered plaque, costing £15,995.
Engine type: Parallel twin with push-rod valve actuation, dry sump
Displacement: 961 cc
Cooling system: Air
Valve Actuation: Push rod, hydraulic lifter, two valves per cylinder
Bore x stroke: 88 mm X 79 mm
Compression ratio: 10.1:1
Power: 80PS @ 6500RPM
Torque: 90Nm @ 5200RPM
Exhaust:1 3/4" header system with merged collector and twin silencers with catalytic converters.
Ignition: Crank fired electronic
Euro 3 compliant with electronic fuel injection and multiple 3 way catalytic converters

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