Safety Car 2009 F1 Race : SL 63 AMG 2009

 Safety Car 2009 F1  Race : SL 63 AMG 2009

The SL 63 AMG 2009 safety car will support of F1 race in 2009. I wonder how much the SL would go for if it were sold in that condition. Also why couldnt benz have a package like this for customers to buy after they get an SL, besides the blac. Since he will be leading hype-sensitive racing cars that can overheat and lose traction at low speeds, the SL 63 AMG was chosen for its powerful 386 kW (525 hp) 6.3-liter V8 engine that allows the car to run from 0-100 km/h in just 4.4 seconds.  Safety Car 2009 F1  Race : SL 63 AMG 2009

Despite the SL's already legendary performance, several changes were made in order to ensure the safety car can live up to its demanding objective. Among the modifications is a new AMG sport exhaust system which allows for better engine breathing, a newly developed AMGSPEEDSHIFT MCT 7-speed transmission that can change gears in just 100 milliseconds, and a revised coil-over suspension which can be customized for each individual race track that the car will be driven on. To endure the high temperatures that racing duty requires, Mercedes equipped the SL with additional cooling systems and designed special 19-inch extra-light AMG wheels that optimize cooling of the car's high-performance composite braking system.

The company also went to great lengths to reduce weight which is highlighted by the fact that the safety car weighs 220 kilograms less than the SL 63 AMG production car despite the addition of all the high-performance modifications. To boast a total weight of 1750 kilograms, Mercedes ditched the SL's folding metal roof and used carbon-fibre-reinforced plastic on the engine bonnet, front and rear aprons, front wings and luggage compartment lid. Even the interior gets gutted of its luxurious appointments as it instead features twin AMG sports seats, two center console mounted video monitors for viewing race conditions, and a two-way radio system for communication with race management.

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