New Toyota Tundra 2009 2010 : reviews ands Specs

The Toyota Tundra 2009 has an optional 381 horsepower V8, beating every domestic truck engine in horsepower (the Dodge by 1 hp), and is a true American-style full-sized pickup. Built in the United States, it may get a heavy duty model (three-quarter or full ton), necessary for that “macho” image so important to American commuters, in three or four years. In the meantime, a new 4.6 liter V8 will become the base engine in 2010, adding around 30 hp and 2 mpg.
The big 5.7 liter V8 is also be used in the Lexus LX570 and probably the next generation Land Cruiser.
The Tundra may benefit from Toyota’s acquisition of chunks of Isuzu; the Isuzu diesel engineers are far more advanced than those at Toyota, and were the main brains behind the successful GM Duramax engines. A diesel engine using Isuzu technology should end up in the Tundra sooner rather than later - possibly at about the same time GM and Dodge bring out their diesel-powered 1500 models. For serious American fleet buyers, the diesel is a very popular option, because it requires less maintenance, provides more grunt, and consumes far less fuel, cutting fuel bills nearly in half in some cases (and farmers can make their own biodiesel). Again, diesels also boost the “rough and tough” image

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