New Toyota Celica 2009 : Reviews and Specs

The next generation Toyota Celica 2009 will be available in two versions, a Celica GT and Celica GT-4. The GT should be powered by the 2.0 liter boxer and will be rear-wheel-drive while the GT-4 receives the 300 hp 2.0 liter boxer from the Impreza Sti with Subaru's four-wheel-drive (including in-wheel electric motors for added power on the wheels). Further rumours are that Toyota may return to WRC with the new Celica.
The Toyota Celica will also have two bodystylings, firstly a true coupe but also a three-door hatchback. There will not be a five-door hatch since that would directly compete with the Subaru Impreza hatch. The Celica is expected to be built by Subaru at the Gunma plant. Whether the new Celica will ever be available outside of Japan is still very unclear.

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