New Toyota Materia 2009 : Reviews and Specs

Compact cars have been greatly valued for their ease of handling and excellent economy. Daihatsu, in response to the recent increase in user demand for diversification of compact cars, decided to add some extra elements to these basic performance requirements. Daihatsu's efforts resulted in a new model, named "Materia," that is being presented at the show. The Materia is an originally designed emotional wagon that can be used by families for various purposes. Responsive to the user's sensitivity, the Materia displays its individuality on both casual and official occasions. Your Materia will surely satisfy you as a car owner. What's more, the new wagon will bring you enjoyable times with family and friends when you master the various ways of using its wide interior space.
Exterior and Interior
The Materia was developed in accordance with the concept of "refined individuality." With its extra-daring body design, the Materia manifests impressive individuality. The short overhang and ingeniously calculated tyre arrangement give this wagon an image of structural solidity and dynamic stability. The "refined individuality" of this "right out of the box" model is what we've really been trying for.

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