New Subaru Legacy 2009 2010: Best in inclement weather and durable!

New Subaru Legacy 2009 : New Subaru Legacy 2009 2010 , This car handles like a much more expensive car. It is well constructed and feels very solid. I love the leather and dual zone climate control. I do wish they would release a manual though. You have to get the turbo or H-6 to get a manual transmission option in a leather appointed trim. So far I am averaging 33 MPG in pure 62 MPH highway driving. When I drive half city (lights, stop signs and such) and half highway, I average 27.0 MPG. I never drive pure city, so I am not sure what it would get. Sometimes I wished I waited till 2010, because I hear a diesel version (in Europe doing very well) or a hybrid is coming soon. Maybe they will do a Diesel Hybrid and get 50+ MPG with AWD. I have owned an Audi A4 quattro and a BMW 325xi, and this car, considering the price, is a better value. The other makes have more power and react ever so slightly faster when traction disappears, but cost 10,000 more and use premium fuel only. Over all, the best valuse in its size class if you intend to keep the car for a long time. Change the oil every 3000, because it only holds 4.5 quarts (non-synthetic comes in it), where the BMW holds 7 or more. That is how BMW extends the oil change interval, by using synthetic and nearly doubling the amount of oil per change.New Subaru Legacy 2009 :

Standard Engine :2.5L H4

Standard Transmission : 5 Speed Manual

Cylinders :4

Horsepower @ RPM : 170@6000

Torque @ RPM :170@4400 (foot-lbs)

Gas mileage much higher than sticker says, very good handling and traction, peppy!
A little less room than an Altima or Accord

by Mike from Bend, OR

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