Bertone Jaguar B99 concept live in Geneva Photo

At worAnd if the world doesn't end until 2012, we still wont get to see it. Ah well. It is a bit disappointing, but I get the reasoning and think this is a better plan. Although, they should think to release the new XT the year before the redesigned XF comes out, as they shouldnt have them on the same schedule and XF sales should be waining in the final year anyhow.
That is one not so healthy or nice looking model in the Bertone. I don't get putting off the car that can produce so much volume and revitalize a shaky brand for enlarging an "in-betweener". Gasoline is not going to get cheaper and something about the size of the current 3 series is the new 5 series, which once was what the 3 series is now. The last couple of decades of continual up-sizing is just bound to be reversed.

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