Hyundai Elantra 2011: new,reviews and photo

A very good looking and you will not notice how cheap quality accessories Hyundai has put in their car to compromise with the price but with Elantra, the price of $20,000 is indeed costly for having a sub-standard tires that burst after 14,000 miles, a head light not get busted in 16,000 miles and Hyundai would like you pay for replacement as they are considered consumables... Consumables I agree but not for a car less than 5 months !!! Hyundai has no concern on this blogs as they knew this anyhow and nothing new on comments like this... I have a big regret in patronizing them and by giving them a chance as I normally considered Hyundai as CHEAP car but I was a bit convinced that with their top range sedan, they will put a good consideration to quality but then I have had a wrong presumption and impression. Hyundai with all fairness to their staff are just selling cars not their fault thats why you would be convinced to buy but the they are also the poor people who has been in front of the unhappy customers due to the prolonging compromises of Hyundai for having VERY CHEAP accessories.

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