2012 Audi Q6 under development - report

Last time Audi did something new was when they penned and green lighted the original TT. They tried doing something with the RS4 but then grew scared and have now gone back to their old ways. The new Quattro and new A2 may save them from themselves.Originally TT was NOT meant to be a SLK or Boxster competitor. It was sort of an Audi halo car in terms of design, based on the Golf, priced at $27K in 1996/1997. The purpose of the Boxster was to increase sales volume at a Porsche that was on the brink of bankruptcy. The SLK was a smaller version of the SL, whose starting price had crept too high for many who were interested in the classic Benz convertible. Get your facts straight. Everyone accepts that a Q6 would be first and foremost a response to the X6. The R8 was not made in RESPONSE to any other manufacturer's models. Moreover, the Gallardo's 4-wheel-drive would not have been possible without Audi input. Finally, the R8 was an evolution of Audi's LeMans racecar victories with the R8R. Considering how expensive it is to build a new car from scratch, why shouldn't have Audi used the Gallardo mid-engine platform that was already made?

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