New 2011 Citroen C4: all the official photos

The fourth and last meeting with "open-door Citroën's blog," the lead editorial of Citroën and that Autoblog readers have seen you participate in person, by being able to meet, ask, comment, and-above all-direct confrontation with the house .

Today, in the best way to close this journey together, we offer an interview with Roberto Paganini, responsible for the technical training of Citroën Italy. In the middle of the chat, the new Citroën C4, the latest addition to the double chevron.
As you will discover, the new C4 contains many innovations that make it safe, environmentally-and-in some ways ahead of schedule. As always, for each type of comment, concern or curiosity ... the doors are open Citroën blog!

New Citroën C4 Citroën C4 ufficialiNuova all photos: all photos ufficialiNuova Citroën C4 Citroën C4 ufficialiNuova all pictures: all the official photos
There is much talk about this new start-stop group PSA: What changes in its operation compared to a traditional system? What are the additional components? Why is it more efficient? What are the advantages over other systems offered by other manufacturers?

The Stop & Start system combined with PSA diesel engines (called e-HDi) uses a reversible alternator for restarting the engine after a stop phase. This drives the motor through the alternator belt accessories at a speed of 600 rpm, very close to the engine idling.

This device, start-up behaves like an electric motor providing a maximum torque of 110 Nm and a high rotational speed allows a fast start (about four tenths of a second) free from noise and vibration typical of starter and diesel engines, without increasing the amount of fuel injected as in normal start-up and then also optimizing fuel consumption.

Taking into account the fuel cost is already starting to turn off the engine if the stop lasts longer than 3 seconds. This allows you to save up to 15% of fuel during an urban use. To improve the efficiency of the system was introduced a patented system called e-booster, comprising un'ultracapacità (supercapacitor) and an electronic control system.
This is the first automotive application of this technology. During the starter alternator reversible ultracapacità provides un'extrapotenza without stressing the battery. The ultracapacità thanks to its greater resistance to the constant charge and discharge cycles and the best behavior during starting is perfectly suited to this type of application. The big savings in terms of emissions and fuel consumption, guaranteed by the system earned him the nickname of "micro-hybrid system and-HDi"

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