2011 Volkswagen Golf: 3-door variant confirmed for the seventh generation

Posted by Dario Montrone
Volkswagen Golf GTI Adidas
The seventh-generation Volkswagen Golf will still be offered in 3-door body variant. Although the car market 3-door hatchback represents only 8% of the C segment, as evidenced by car sales in Europe in the first nine months of 2010. In future, Volkswagen will still point to this niche market, because the Golf GTI is required especially with 3-door body.
In addition, the Wolfsburg Group will increase its offer in this category with the all-new Seat Leon SC which will complement the new Audi A3. However, it is a choice in contrast with other manufacturers: in fact, Fi at Bravo, Alfa Romeo and Hyundai i30 are available only with 5-door body, while the 3-door versions of the Citroen C4, Ford Focus, Kia cee ' de Peugeot 308 will not be repeated.

DB2010AU00511_small.jpg vw Golf 2011

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