New 2010 Honda CBR250R Indonesia will Launched Soon

New 2010 Honda CBR250R Indonesia will Launched Soon

2011 Honda CBR250R Latest Glide Home Week

JAKARTA(DP) - News of PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM) which will remove the sportbike Honda CBR250R began to lift. This happened after A.P. Honda Co.., Ltd.., Thailand is preparing to launch a rival product Kawasaki Ninja 250R in Bangkok.

According to report contributor in Thailand, Komar Johari, the launch of Honda CBR250R will be held next week, precisely on October 27, 2010. In a letter of invitation that is given is known, the location of the launch will take place at Zentara Grand (Central World), Bangkok.

A day after the launch, A.P. Honda also plans to create an activity test ride the Honda CBR250R. A number of Indonesian journalists AHM rumored to be brought to the event which took place at the Bira Circuit.

The presence of Indonesian journalists at the launch and test ride the Honda CBR250R is an indication that certain products sold in Indonesia. Speculation call, CBR250R will perform in Jakarta prime time lasts Jakarta Motorcycle Show 2010 3 to 7 November 2010.

Honda CBR250R is a rival for the Kawasaki Ninja 250R that sampat not currently have opponents in Indonesia. Ninja 250R which already has many communities in the country is classified as a new segment sportbike successfully take over the price of Rupiah 45 million.

These opportunities will be seized AHM apparently using the CBR250R. There has been no news about how the price CBR250R will be removed.
CBR250R indonesia on the road
An issue of rivals say, CBR250R will be worn around a price of around Rupiah 45 million.

Honda CBR250R presence in Thailand is a continuation of the launch of Honda CBR150R some time ago. Shouldered machine 1-sil

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