NEW 2011 APRILIA SX 50 OVERVIEW , SPECS, PRICE  AND REVIEW NEW 2011 APRILIA SX 50 OVERVIEW , SPECS, PRICE AND REVIEW , The Aprilia SXV and RXV have been the world's first motorcycle to break the 'single cylinder' taboo and install a dual high performance enduro and supermotard motorcycles. NEW 2011 APRILIA SX 50 At the time there was a considerable challenge almost impossible to develop a Twin off-road here would still be accessible to the public Constituency. Maize R & D had the Aprilia Conviction, The Determination and experience to the post, and wins in the high-level competitions soon floods, followed by the title of World Champion Supermoto . But at Aprilia, we were never sure whether to rest on our laurels. Let us as the method of the races more effectively test new ideas and solutions we can then present all the ranges, from our flagship model to our 50 cc machines. The newborns in the ranges Aprilia RX and SX are inspired by the world fend Aprilia twins in the road. The RX 50 and SX 50 are clearly dedicated to young riders seeking the Best Technology in more head-turning good together. The RX 50 enduro and SX 50 supermotard are high performance 50 cc machines. They are both powered by a new generation engine and chassis have the fortune that many adults can only envy. Do not be fooled by the size of the motor 50 cc. The RX and SX are real motorcycles, and just at home on racetracks difficulties because they are on commuting from home to school or college. Their design is eloquent. And their clean lines CLEAR direct result of the icons of the RXV SXV / style off-road. Like their sisters before them, SX and RX are on their way to create new fashions a style in 50 cc. The framework for new forms of perimeter has a direct link between the steering columns and the oscillating arm pivot, in line with the latest developments in off-road. The frame is high strength steel to absorb all the stress in all-terrain hard can transmit. This synthesis of strength and lightness is the perfect match for the characteristics of the RX / SX 50. The suspensions are another of the strengths of these exceptional motorcycles. The front fork is a 40mm wheel studs giving a powerful journey of 195 mm, more than enough to absorb the blows hardest. At the rear, the oscillating arm strength steel with a hydraulic damper East Amort peak giving a generous 180 mm of rear wheel travel to ensure that the RX / SX 50 can address the higher terrain. The east of the front brake Imposing abundantly-sized to ensure the safety standard of the competition, braking and stopping. The disc is a fan of steel 260 mm diameter is the RX enduro and incredible to 300 mm in diameter on the SX motard, more than any other bike That 50 cc. The front caliper is a unit dual floating piston. The rear brakes are up too, with a disk of 180 mm stainless steel bracket has two powerful opposing pistons. The wheels are year essential element of any competition machine, and has the most distinctive Aprilia these small off-road. Aluminium was to adopt for its resistance to stress and its exceptional lightness. The RX is equipped of a 21 "front wheel and 18" rear wheel, like on real motorcycle enduro Competition. The SX is equipped with two wheels 17 bit profile with wide tires handiness in town or on a cart tracks twist. A surprising phone chassis engine obviously requires a match. This is why the RX and SX are powered by Aprilia progress cooling liquid cylinder two-stroke engine with the induction swing. The use of advanced technology ensures that this new engine offers exceptional performance of a surprisingly low weight (only 15 kg). The east lubrication system provided by mixing a booth, with a variable rate of volumetric pumps. A helping hand has been preferred to save weight. A box of six-speed makes the best use of the power delivered by this impressive engine. In addition to all this, the RX and SX also this kind of prestige components normally found Will benefit only on much larger bikes. The instruments ultra compact design of digital dowry and perform a series of innovative functions Keep all parameters under constant control. Twin headlights add another touch of personality and guarantee superior night visibility. The long seat extends over the fuel tank masonry bit Compacta enough space for equestrian sport in traffic conditions. The UK & Reservoir is 7 liters. Given the extremely limited fuel consumption of engine 50 cc, Aprilia SX RX 50 and 50 have so much to all types of utilization of autonomy. Like all bikes April, the RX and SX also respect nature: the exhaust is equipped of a catalytic converter, and the euro which looks 2 emissions standards without compromising performance peak of the Aprilia 50 DC motor


Comme toutes les motos April, the RX SX et aussi respecter la nature: les gaz d'échappement est équipé of a convertisseur catalytique, et à l'euro ce qui les regards de 2 Emissions performance standards sans pénaliser de pointe de l ' Aprilia 50 cc moteur avec

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