2010 New Tata Indica Vista -

Meanwhile, Mr Tata has bought Jaguar and Land Rover (+52% in Europe last year) so he does something of substance, and given that the panda power in his time she was 42 its good million pounds, guys are talking about 24 000 euros for an electric car, the matter is different because the costs of electric technology are quite high because 24 000 euro is a very decent price and concorrenziale.purtroppo Nos yet know anything about autonomy and sale as nn specifies whether the model you can buy it in Italy or no.La Tata Indica Vista electricity has already collected 500 orders worldwide. The Indian model, therefore, approaches the real market: by the end of 2010 will be delivered the first 200 units at a price of 24,000 euros.

It should be noted that the Indian Tata have developed a strategy for this interesting business model in anticipation of the fact that many Western manufacturers are preparing to implement.

If desired, the customer can buy the car without batteries, taking just leased and thus significantly cutting the purchase price, known to be influenced by accumulators, one of the most expensive electric cars.

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