Peugeot SR1 and RCZ - Geneva Motor Show 2010 With Concept 5,

Peugeot: all the official information from the Geneva Motor Show 2010
Peugeot reinterpret their historical presence in the world of big sedans, revealing his ambition to be levied in a market where over recent years has suffered a lot. La Cinq, a prototype that measures 486 cm in length, is the idea for a three-volume classic but modern, and anticipates a product which, noted the component requirements, propose performance and quality but also a certain dynamism. Its engine is the diesel-hybrid HYbrid4, which provides a total of 200 hp, four-wheel drive only emitting 99 g / km of CO2 and consumes 3.8 l/100 km. The hybrid Peugeot-Citro├źn, we recall, is a full hybrid capable of traveling short distances by counting only the electric motor. The second big news of the Lion in Geneva of the RCZ series, sports novel that will be marketed as early as the spring of 2010. Peugeot speaks of it as his first model out of range ", referring to unpublished names which leaves the canonical numbering scheme and could be the first proposal for a new line of cars more" tasty "and details. In Geneva there was also scope for the European premiere of the new 408 model for the Chinese market to be launched on 8 April and then be introduced on other markets. The model arises from a joint venture with Dongfeng and marks a milestone in the offensive of the mark on the world's first car market. Commercial objectives are ambitious: 100,000 units for the first full year of sales. In 2009, to understand, Peugeot sold 112,000 cars in China

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