Chicago 2010: Chevrolet rolls out Caprice Police Car

Chicago 2010: Chevrolet rolls out Caprice Police Car
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The selector can be designed so that it stops at the first D, and if you want to go lower you have to pull towards you (as you used to have to do to release from Park)
KISS, is important, but so are electronic designs. If you intentionally put the selector into Low while going 75 mph, the throttle by wire can blip the engine, while it downshifts sequentially to the lowest gear (not over revving the engine)

If you didn't intend to do that, then you can then raise the selector back to D6 or D4. No harm done.Chevy brought just such a vehicle to the Chicago Auto Show, and we managed to snap off a series of photos to share. According to the personnel manning the booth, the Caprice PPV is still in concept form, complete with a refurbished Toughbook panel from Panasonic attached to the center console.Being a long-wheelbase Zeta, the Caprice PPV has plenty of room for a divided cockpit with what appears to be a plexiglass barrier protecting the driver and front passenger from whatever or whomever happens to be confined to the rear. Other interesting tidbits include a number of storage locations, including one for weapons between the two front seats.We're sure the cops will appreciate the E85-compatible 6.0-liter V8 and the 355 horsepower and 385 pound-feet of torque it puts out. Now if only GM could find a way to put just such a Caprice (or, would that be a proper Impala SS?) in every single Chevrolet dealership around the country, they may really be on to something.
GM couldn't import the Pontiac GM profitably, due to exchange rates versus Australia. The police market is a low margin business. So how are they going to be able to import this car and make money, while selling it for less? And if they can make money selling it to police departments, why not sell a few to us regular folk?

It just doesn't add up.Chicago 2010: Chevrolet rolls out Caprice Police Car

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