New Generation VW New Beetle to be Launched in 2011

Second Generation VW New Beetle to be Launched in 2011
Second Generation VW New Beetle to be Launched in 2011
hope VW produces a more serious beetle that could compete with the mini and pays better respect to the design of the original beetle. The current beetle always looked like it belongs in a cartoon. The next-generation Volkswagen Beetle concept will be introduced at the Los Angeles auto show in November, according to Autocar. Citing unidentified sources, the magazine claims the car will get a renewed look, and should feature more inspired engine choices as it is prepped for a 2011 market release.

A 2.0-liter engine producing 210 bhp (213 PS, 157 kW) could be seen on the car, more powerful than any engine currently sold on the vehicle. Also expected are 1.4-liter 160 bhp (162 PS, 119 kW) and 1.2-liter 105 bhp (106 PS, 78 kW) petrol engines. Diesel offerings could include 2.0-liter 140 bhp (142 PS, 104 kW) and 1.6-liter 105 bhp (106 PS, 78 kW) units. Customers in the US might get the chance to purchase the car with a five-cylinder 2.5-liter model cranking out 170 bhp (172 PS, 127 kW).

The company is also toying with the idea of producing a hybrid version of the car.

Autocar says the vehicle will have a wider stance and longer wheelbase as it will be produced at the same plant, and on the same architecture, as the VW Jetta. The Beetle is expected to get a MacPherson strut front, torsion beam rear suspension, though a multi-link rear is also possible.

The (now ex) New Beetle is just fine vehicle, maybe need some exterior restyling, but the whole concept works just fine. Especially interior, such a great fun to drive. My new Scirocco is boring, compared with NB. I have 1960 Beetle, too.

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