2010 2011 New Mercedes E500 Coupe: New Coupe, New Name

2010 Mercedes E500 Coupe: New Coupe, New Name

Mercedes is taking the world by storm by introducing a line of E class coupes. No one saw this coming as we had signed non-aggression pacts with several countries.
Mercedes is known for efficiency. That's right, we said efficiency. If you didn't know this you need to read our press release.
Our coefficient of drag is 0.24, which is lower than a Ford Probe. We will offer two 4-cylinder engines (for a total of 8 cylinders) and our anti-hoon mechanism we proudly call AGILITY CONTROL.The company's diesel offerings include the CDI four-cylinder turbodiesel engine offering 204 HP and 368 lb.-ft of torque found in the E 250 CDI Coupe; and the turbodiesel V6 with 231 HP and nearly 400 lb-ft of torque found in the E 350 CDI Coupe. These two engines combine for 53.3 and 41.5 MPG, respectively on the NFDC scale.
Two of the gas options are also high-performing in the efficiency standard: the E250 CGI direct-injection fourbanger and the E350 CGI direct-injection six. These engines pump out 204 HP and 292 HP, resepctively, with combined NFDC mileage of 32.5 and 40.3 MPG, respectively.
Topping off the engines, and the models, is the classic E 500 Coupe, which gets the company's powerful 388 HP V8, though this, too, returns a bearable 25.9 MPG combined.
All models will be offered in either SE or Sport trim when they go on sale this June.
We have a pop-up bonnet so when Lindsay Lohan takes out a paparazzi after snorting half the world's supply of coke he doesn't get stuck under the tires.
We designed our rear wing to look like one of the cars people liked. The coupe is also exactly the same as the saloon, but different.
We have spiffy seats that make Ford jealous.
There is a 4-cylinder diesel engine available which has the in-house code name "Prius Killer" and produces 204 hp and 500 Nm and gets over 53 mpg. Take that Toyota.
We have another diesel engine and 2 gas engines that you don't care about. What you really want is the V8 producing 388 hp and 530 Nm. It still gets 25.9 mpg. See, we are green!
We have a slew of safety systems so you don't have to pay attention to the road. We know you really need to talk to your college roommate and text your booty call while driving. We make this easier through our dash-mounted infotainment system, an automotive first.
Finally, for those of you who want to look like a douche, you can add a bunch of AMG body cladding

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