2010 Ford Focus ECOnetic: Reviews and Specification

Published on December 23rd, 2009 by Maurizio Manna

Debuts on the new Ford Focus ECOnetic the new system will auto-start-stop Ford. The new version of the ecological model of the Focus now consume only 3.8 l/100 km and emits 99 g / km of CO2 emissions through the adoption of intelligent regenerative charging, Ford Eco Mode and FEAD low voltage. The new Ford system optional auto-start-stop is the version number of the device already seen the prototype MAX Ford iosis presented to the Geneva Motor Show 2009. Even without the presence of this option, the Focus ECOnetic is equipped with a regenerative charging system and smart FEAD (Front End Accessory Drive, Front auxiliary transmission) with a low voltage. The diesel engine is the proven Ford Duratorq TDCi 1.6-liter and 109 hp with oxidation catalyst with particulate filter as standard. The new Focus ECOnetic is the first production car with Ford Eco Mode, a new information system that teaches the driver to actually improve the real saving of fuel, with obvious advantages for the client portfolio and the environment. Ford Start & Stop system: The new Focus ECOnetic 5-door is the first European Ford to offer the new auto-start-stop system, which combines the technology of automatic shutdown of the engine start-stop with regenerative charging intelligent and advanced battery management. The auto-start-stop Ford stops the engine automatically when the vehicle is inactive, for example, stopped at a traffic light and restarts the engine when the driver wishes to leave, saving the fuel wasted when the vehicle is in motion. This system can reduce fuel consumption and emissions of CO2 up to 5% in mixed driving conditions. In cities and in situations of heavy traffic with frequent stops of the vehicle, the savings can go up to 10%. Ford's new advanced auto-start-stop has been carefully designed to offer guests maximum comfort and smoothness, and reliability in the stages of stopping and starting, which occur in a silent and imperceptible, without any need to change the style of guide. When the engine turns off, the electronic control unit immediately prepare the systems of the engine to restart instantly. An integrated system of sensors then enters into operation when the driver takes an action that signals its intention to leave, such as the release of the brake pedal or the pressure of the accelerator or clutch pedal. Once the driver is preparing to start, the engine starts silently and almost instantaneous. To switch are sufficient around 0.3 seconds. The process is almost imperceptible and takes place before the completion of the choice of gear. To support the increased number of ignition, the starter has been updated with an electrical high-performance and a more robust mechanism of grafting of the rack with low noise levels. In addition, we have introduced a technology to recharge the main battery to ensure that the vehicle is able to handle the frequent loading and unloading cycles, the start-stop procedure entails. Technology FEAD low voltage Ford ECOnetic The approach has always been essential purpose of the monitoring of potential causes of friction and identification of innovative solutions that enable a more efficient system. Technology FEAD (Front End Accessory Drive, Front auxiliary transmission) with a low voltage is proof most recent. A bracket for the alternator to the new design and updated design of the pulley for reducing the tension on the belt without the usual auxiliary frontal impact due to its relaxation, such as increasing wear on the strap or support of the alternator and more noise levels. The advantage of these changes is clear: reducing the belt tension reduces friction throughout the system resulting in lower fuel consumption. The new Ford Eco Mode The new Focus ECOnetic reveals great attention to the human factor. The system monitors the main parameters relevant for an optimal use of fuel and on which you can actively influence the behavior of editing guide. These parameters such as changing gears, the anticipation (to drive in a more regular and smooth as possible) and driving on the motorway (to drive the vehicle at a speed more efficient on the highway and rural roads). Furthermore, the system takes into account the proportion of short journeys with a cold engine. Based on data collected in monitoring, Ford Eco Mode generates a profile of the driver with a pattern of scores for the parameters given and provides information on how to improve fuel economy over time. This continuous process can be translated into signals to the driver designed to take advantage of the technology of the vehicle.

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