Grande Punto Evo 2010 in Action

The Grande Punto Dynamic Point Evo Evo is based on a linear behavior without excessive nervousness even when (as is the case) at the foot there are tires with 17 "set in option, in addition to the soft trim and reserved for specific equipment family Sportline. Leaving a good progression in the support, accompanied by an appreciable speed in changing direction. Well, the braking system, which includes four discs with this engine series (the others all have a hybrid system, with the exception of the turbodiesel 1600). As for comfort, tire rolling remains the main source of disturbance, in a framework that overall it is confirmed to the expectations. Interesting evidence of consumption, with an average value equal to 17.8 km / liter which also allows the most dynamic point Ages to descend below the threshold of 130 g / km of CO2. Able to do even better than the 1400-aspirated 105 hp, always assisted by the Multi, which is also favored dall'abbinamento with a six-speed gearbox. Such engines are to stand at the top of the family, and of course will have a marginal role, in terms of trade. Even with 1400 because already sucked the Punto Sport Evo goes above 17 thousand euro. I will remain the most popular Multijet 1300 and 1400 with dual fuel (petrol and CNG or LPG) is always based on the classic 1.4-liter 8-valve 77 bhp.
Be noted that for the base engine versions remain in the list rules Euro4, 300 euros less than in the corresponding riomologati Euro5 engines and equipped with Start & Stop (the difference increases to 950 euro for the Multijet, which comes standard edition Euro5 also the filter). With the debut of the Punto Evo draws to a close the career of the Classic, set to leave soon list. His place, as the model of attack, will be progressively undertaken by the Grande Punto, with the only five-door body accompanied by a range simplified.
The iPod has become synonymous with MP3 player, it is for TomTom portable navigation devices. That's why Fiat has entrusted the Dutch company to offer on Point Ages, a GPS to the occasion.
TomTom is called Blue & Me, is available on request (349 euros plus 30 maps of Italy predisposition to assembly) and in this case is the last GO 750 in sales from a few days. One point for the Ages, however, was done in collaboration with Magneti Marelli and offers some unique features and customized for Fiat, unlike the TomTom 750 for purchase at any store. First, you can count on seamless integration: dedicated support on top of the dashboard, the steering wheel buttons to operate the device without removing your hands, coupled with your Bluetooth mobile phone for hands-free. Functions dedicated to the Point Evo are oriented primarily to the economy of operation.
EcoDrive Info, for example, is a function that is able to analyze real-time driving style and on the basis that is able to provide suggestions to consume less. Then there is the warning "reserve fuel", a useful feature that gives a good idea of integration between the TomTom and the car: when the device receives information that the tip came into the reserve immediately Satellite indicates the service station nearest to where you are.
Again, another utility is the ability to view the entire on-board computer of the car on the touch screen of your TomTom: average speed, average fuel consumption and instantaneous, mileage, and so on. Finally, some graphics are tailored to Fiat. Such as the welcome screen with the logo Step Evo, icons and menus, but also certain categories of Points of Interest carefully chosen such a list of all distributors of natural gas and LPG versions useful if you are traveling on bi-fuel . Fiat is also a custom version of the TomTom Home PC software, which allows you to synchronize the GPS to the computer for updates or extra content.

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