2010 Buick Regal prototype : Reviews and Specs

2011 Buick Regal – Click above for high-res image gallery

2011 Buick Regal – Click above for high-res image gallery
I think for stock wheels they look pretty good and fit the overall theme of the car...From what I can tell in the pictures they seem to be in plus size with lower profile tires which works with the car....I think the size is okay, could be offset a little more. But the thick chunky spokes just go against the lithe athletic swooping lines and shape of the car.
That's the nice thing about wheels. If you don't like them, it's a really easy thing to fix. ;) If you've got a purple and yellow polka-dot tie, it's no reason to throw out the Armani suit.
I think some nice concave 5-7 spoke wheels (with thinner spokes) would look better. Or those OPC wheels...LOL.
As far as new car previews go, the conditions for our Buick drive weren't exactly auspicious – cold, rainy, slate gray November mornings in Michigan have a way of dulling both spirits and expectations. Thankfully, the rain would relent long enough for us to get our driving in, and as it turned out, GM had lined up a more interesting cocktail of vehicles for us to sample than we expected. Not only did we find a full-dress 2011 Buick Regal, but also a stock Opel Insignia, a pair of "Regalized" Insignias (Opels that had been given the full slate of changes GM will give the car as a Buick in North America), a LaCrosse and – wait for it – a sinister black Insignia OPC (below) – the latter being a car we've admired at European auto shows but never figured we'd have the chance to drive. Suddenly, the morning was looking a bit brighter.The front-drive Regal will arrive next spring carrying a normally aspirated 2.4-liter four-cylinder packing 182 horsepower (at 6,700 RPM) and 172 pound-feet of torque (at 4,900 RPM) paired with a six-speed automatic that offers a +/– manual shift gate but no paddles. Soon thereafter, the 2.0-liter turbocharged, direct-injection Ecotec we drove will come on stream, delivering 220 hp (at 5,300 RPM) and a healthy 258 lb-ft. of torque from just 2,000 RPM. If that's not enough, GM officials pledge that a six-speed manual transmission will eventually be offered as well.
During our brief drive, we found that the 2.0T delivers plenty of muscle with minimal torque steer, spooling up quickly and offering good passing power. GM says the combination should be good for a 0-60 mph time in the mid seven-second range (a couple of tenths quicker than a TSX), a claim that strikes us as totally believable – if not a mote pessimistic. The engine makes generally encouraging noises and turbo "whistle" has been almost completely eliminated (whether this is a good thing or a bad thing is a matter of taste), the latter being a trait more noticeable in the Euro Insignia. The EPA has yet to sign off on official fuel economy numbers, but GM is confident that it will net 30 mpg on the highway out of the standard engine and 29 mpg with the premium-recommended turbo.
Although the turbo model will have an optional "Interactive Drive Control System" that allows the driver to individually tailor suspension firmness, gearshift times, throttle response and steering effort (paired with larger 19-inch Goodyear Eagle RSA tires) to one of three modes ("Normal," "Sport," and "Touring") the standard front Macpherson struts and rear multilink suspension package works so well that we don't see the need to spend more for the added weight and complexity of the adaptive system.
I'm really not sure why people keep trying to compare Cadillacs with Bimmers and Audis. They're very different cars, IMO. Bimmers and Audis are built for two types of people; douchebags and people who actually "drive" their cars. Cadillacs seem like they're for the more gaudy types that like the bling and to show off. The majority of CTS's I see are red ones with big chrome wheels (OEM) and are driven by 75+ year old female empty nesters with more plastic in her face than a tupperware bowl. They're both incredible types of cars, but built for different people with different needs

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