Jorge Lorenzo of Yamaha and Ducati

The Spanish media reported urgently to the voice of a likely agreement between Jorge Lorenzo and Ducati. In fact, Brno emissaries of Phillip Morris had spoken with Livio Suppo (Director of Ducati MotoGP project) in 2010 and had also spoken of the possible employment of the Mallorcan. This meeting was also dictated by the physical conditions of Casey Stoner, who at the time they leave the Ducati without a pilot tip. To attract the Majorcan over to Eng ...
Brno - Czech MotoGP in the fall, Jorge Lorenzo surrendered the title in the struggle with world champion Valentino Rossi. Volens terbuai with excellence, The Doctor Lorenzo refused to delete the name from the list of threats.

Failed to finish in the race at Brno last weekend yesterday, Lorenzo is now 60 points behind Rossi up during the remaining six race series again. Because that is the reason, drivers and stated that Spain surrendered in seizing the world champion title.

Although the opponents have put the white flag, Rossi did not want to simply forget that setimnya colleagues. Because in the last few series he was a competitor terberatnya. The champion of the world itself will ensure that remains vigilant and will not be terlena.

"However it is very foolish to relax now because Jorge is very strong and we certainly will be a fierce fight in the Indianapolis," said Rossi made as MCN.

Absennya with Casey Stoner in the three races, Rossi could have just spelled as Lorenzo terberatnya competitors. With three and achieve a victory in the last six series, 30 of that year have the opportunity to reach the title of champion of the world since 9-to start a career in the 125cc class back in 1996.

Jorge Lorenzo had a claim want to spend his career in the citadel of Ducati Yamaha but feel that new drivers need to prepare even mengiming-imingi Spanish rider with the most professional.

A one and a half seasons with brilliant Yamaha, Lorenzo has been several times dikabarkan will soon extend the contract. Yamaha wants to bind the youth 22 years old is more likely not something that is not possible because Lorenzo gave positive indications.

However, the relationship between Lorenzo with the Yamaha was not at all dipedulikan Ducati, which is trying to get a signature double 250cc world champion is. Thorough as the manufacturer of Italian origin that has prepared a very large contract.

Made MCN, Ducati Lorenzo was ready to pay 13 million Pounds Sterling (approximately Rp 214.7 billion), to be a two-year contract. Although the states still loyal to the Yamaha, Lorenzo is also not close the opportunity himself to jump the other team.

"Ducati is an option. Most important is to have a motor that can win championship. It seems that Yamaha is the best at this time, "said the birth of 4 May 1987.

MCN claim that Lorenzo has been doing talk with a representative of Phillip Morris before the race weekend in Brno yesterday. Approach to be done because the parties Lorenzo Marlboro, primary sponsor Ducati, dikabarkan concerned with the future of Casey Stoner is broken health.

Number of Pounds Sterling 6.5 million semusim that Lorenzo akan obtained if so menunggangi series motor Desmosedici far higher than that in the Yamaha didapatnya at this time. Original Spanish sports daily, AS, mentions that he can only pay two million Pounds Sterling (Rp 33.04 billion) a year, far less over Rossi who paid 14 million Pounds Sterling (Rp 231.2 billion).

Contract for the new center is prepared, Yamaha dikabarkan akan pay raise Lorenzo into four million Pounds Sterling.

Lorenzo snatch the title of Rookie of the year season in 2008 after achieving a victory and four podium ride. Hungarian MotoGP ago until total victory has three he can, 14 times increase and reach the podium eight pole position.

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