Three sports coupe in the comparison testAudi A5 3.2 FSI, the BMW 335i coupe,new Mercedes E 350 CGI

Among graduates men in the prime of life is one of the two herons as well as two-- happy with the smooth six-cylinder engine under the hood. Who lives sweetened the evening best: Audi A5 3.2 FSI, the BMW 335i coupe or the brand new Mercedes E 350 CGI?The Mercedes E 350 CGI is the most expensive coupe in test To be specific temptation coupés if under their bonnet at least six cylinder purr and torque from at least three liters undulates. Then the two-but so expensive that they are for the middle class dream car and only the reality of elite enrichment. Not only visually, also priced new Daimler Coupé stands out from the automotive Feinkost out: For a Mercedes E 350 CGI Blue Efficiency (292 hp) Mercedes calculated at least 51,408 euros. Audi A5 provides the 3.2 FSI (265 PS) Multitronic starting with 45,350 euros, the BMW 335i coupe (306 hp) with automatic transmissions, from 48,250 euros. (Mercedes E 350 CGI in Fahrbericht) From traditional white Mercedes past: A coupe has its passengers, especially in peace to be, it must be unobtrusive care, like a discreet valet. Only in the leaves Optics Mercedes reticence: the automobile, a two-heron with striking jacket lapel. It attracts curious glances - and although untypical of young admirers. The cell-phone generation surrounded their new photo object.

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