New Alfa Romeo 159 Reviews and Specification

Alfa Romeo 159 in Fahrbericht new engines for the Alfa Romeo 159
With two new turbo engine evaluates Alfa Romeo middle-range Alfa Romeo 159 on. Of course, both the petrol and diesel, and more economical than their predecessors. Impressions of the first Test.
Alfa Romeo 159 petrol engine with turbocharger quickly appealing Thus, reduced internal friction, according to thermodynamic considerations optimized combustion chambers, flow better Ansaugkanäle, an ultra-modern, with 150 bar pressure and seven-hole nozzles operating gasoline direct injection and fully variable valve timing with phased large overlap between the opening times of entry and exhaust only a few technical tricks to increase the efficiency. For intensive cylinder filling and flushing the Alfa Romeo 159 also provides a small, fast turbocharger appealing, in the intake manifold is wrapped.
In the middle segment occurs with the Alfa Romeo Alfa 159, which as a sedan and a wagon is offered. With the distinctive, classic Alfa-face, the lean and muscular rear fenders is the Alfa Romeo 159 as an attractive alternative to its main competitor, the Audi A4, BMW Dreier and Mercedes C-Class. The power spectrum is broad and ranges from 120 hp in the 1.9-liter diesel to 260 hp in the 3.2 V6.

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