2009 Suzuki DR-Z400S Bike Test

Yeah, you guys really need to ride the DRZ400sm. This article suggests the DRZ is a really well rounded dual sport, and I agree with that. Cult followings of enthusiasts and a strong support network give even more intrinsic value to an already attractive machine.It does most everything very well, and yes, the seat isn't all that comfortable for extended trips on the pavement. Have any of you guys or girls ever riden a late model KLX250s? As far as uncomfortable seats go, the KLX wins that trophy! Sure, the DRZ400 doesn't have a large fuel tank, but it yields pretty decent mileage. Going on a 80 or 90 mile ride in the woods is one helluva long excursion without a fuel stop. For those that need a longer range solution, there are a number of after-market fuel tanks that work on the DRZ. Yep, this bike is "pretty close" to perfect. I've got the SM version, and its a BLAST! Talk about a little corner carver!!!The nice thing about the DRZ400S is it is a great platform from which you can build the bike you want. It's cheap enough that if you dump another grand into it to make it more touring worthy or more dirt worthy you still will have put less into it than if Suzuki made the updates themselves (so long as you can do some very basic wrenching). If you put some big fat soft seat on it and large tank the guys who like it for more technical off-road riding won't like it...don't do that and the guys who want more distance miles comfort on it won't like it. You can't make one bike fit all but the DRZ400S is a great bike to make into the bike you want it to be without much invested. The DR-Z isn't meant for long road trips along the highway, and the Dunlop 606 tires we spooned on aren't either. However, the 400S can handle it if you can.

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