New Suzuki Splash 2009 2010 : Reviews And Specs

New Suzuki Splash 2009 2010 ,i really dunno wats happenin to suzuki guys…am sure the performance of the car will be too good but what about the comfort .people tried to compromise the comfort in swift..but its hard to do wit splash..rear is too bad…but the fate of suzuki in india is good..lets c..all the best splashCustomers will have the choice of three engines – two petrol and a diesel. The petrol units are 100% Suzuki designs, a 1.0-litre 3-cylinder unit producing 65 PS (48 kW) and a 1.2-litre 4-cylinder engine developing 86 PS (63 kW). Both are of advanced four-valve-per-cylinder design, offering a sophisticated combination of smoothness, low-end torque and fuel efficiency.

Diesel fans can choose the 1.3-litre common-rail direct injection engine available with a DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter). Producing 75 PS (55 kW), this 4-cylinder unit is manufactured by Suzuki at its new diesel engine plant in India under licence from Fiat Group Automobiles.

Steering, chassis and suspension of the Suzuki Splash is built on a platform inherited from sports Suzuki Swift. In line with the philosophy of the new car, the chassis has been specially developed to promote stability and ride comfort, even in the presence of a high height of the body. The total length of just 3.72 meters makes it an efficient vehicle in the "inner space / outer space" and, therefore, easy to park.

The front suspensions are independent, MacPherson, with triangular lower leg for an efficient damping the movement of the wheels without repercussions on the body. At rear suspensions are used with torsion bar, a scheme that maximizes the grip and minimizes the space occupied.
Splash cannot be considered to be the successor of the Wagon R+, the enlarged version of the Wagon R which in 1993 was originally developed for the Japanese market, and later also introduced in Europe. “Based on completely different criteria, Splash’s design is mainly tailored to the requirements of European customers,� explains Toshihiro Suzuki, the project’s Chief Engineer. Splash comes with attractive styling, compact dimensions, responsive handling, very good build quality and a high degree of environmental compatibility.

The problem with most of the ppl commenting here is the lack of design sensibility. This is by far the best looking hatch by Suzuki stable. And look at the comments above ! People compare it with first gen Santro. Please !! Give me a break ! The car is definitely futuristic, and should be a winner. It’s time to say goodbye to Wagon R and Zen Estilo

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