New Jeep Liberty 2009 2010 : Reviews and Specification

New Jeep Liberty  2009 2010 : Reviews and Specification

Come on, you gotta admit at some point that Jeep isn’t looking to regain that “off-road, back trail charisma” when they launch products like the Compass and at some extent, the Liberty and Patriot. The only true off-road vehicle they have anymore is the Wrangler. GC is good off-road, but I’d be scared to scratch the thing, get a log or tree smashed into it or dirty up the interior. It’s like the Land Rover Range Rover. Most people aren’t willing to take it off-road. The few that do have tons of money to spend.
Only real off-road vehicles anymore are the Jeep Wrangler, Liberty, Toyota FJ and Nissan X-terra. Other than that, there are a lot of good off-road vehicles, but I wouldn’t consider taking them off-road.
Anyways with that said I want to like a lot of Chrysler products. I can’t stand their styling. Nearly all their products look like someone took an etcha-sketch and drew a “car”. I wouldn’t be surprised if one day Chrysler comes out with square “wheels”.I honestly didn’t care if the Jeep Liberty looked cartoonish. I always thought the hood should have been shorter and a little more interior room, but it was a classic design.
Only complaints:-Interior could have better quality plastics. A big deal, NOT a big cost.-More refined mechanics. New six cylinder, and a large four pot wouldn’t be bad. I don’t want anything fancy, it’s more to break down, but most people won’t be driving it off-road very often. Great to have the option between something like a 180hp 4-cyl and a 260 hp 6-cyl.-New transmission.-Lower glass tailgate. Getting groceries into the back tail-gate if your under 6′0″ looks to be a daunting task. Maybe just one that the top half folds up, bottom half down. Be more useful.-Doesn’t need to be spartan in a few places.
Reading what I said earlier about true off-road vehicles, would that make it less of an off-road vehicle? Yes, but it’s gonna happen sooner or laterNew Jeep Liberty  2009 2010 : Reviews and Specification

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