Newe Dodge Caliper 2009 - 2010: Reviews and Specs

But the Caliber? That's a strong name to stick on a tall station wagon whose most exciting feature is a hatch-mounted PA system. Not to say that the Caliber doesn't try to elicit excitement. This 'Hotwheels' sport truck looks buff and muscular, the chopped roofline making it look (ironically) sporty. The 17” wheels wrapped in 215/60R17 Continental ContiSport Contact 2 rubber are suitably masculine without being over-the-top. Much better than the dainty, daisy-wheel type stuff the Japanese manufacturers put on their cars.Unfortunately, the Caliber achieves hipness through a superfluity of squareness. Yes, the boxy shape suggests an ample amount of space, but the low roof hoop should have a “Watch Yer Head” label stuck to it. At least the Caliber offers ample leg room for the long-legged and the seats are nigh-on perfect. Cargo space is about average for a station wagon (in other words, it ain't got nothing on a CR-V), but there's a tonneau cover to hide any unslightly mess that you may have left in the boot.The small Dodge scores about average for fuel economy, getting around 6.9-7.2 km/l (kilometers per liter) in the city and 12.5-13 km/l on open roads. Performance figures are decent, considering the power and weight, with a 0-60 km/h time of about 5.7 seconds and a 0-100 km/h time of 11.6 seconds. While the Caliber is not out-and-out fast, it's very smooth. Jump on the gas pedal and the engine zings to 6000 rpm and sits there waitin for the CVT to catch up. It may be boring for the driver, but passengers will love the absolute lack of shift-shock... and it actually accelerates faster than you think. Like with most CVTs, you toy with the manumatic function for all of half-a-minute before you realize that it's easier to just let the CVT think for itself. Some testers have found it a bit buzzy under acceleration, but we found the noise pretty unintrusive.
Handsome looksComfy and well balanced rideVery good sound systemExcellent CVT box
Low rooflineSparse boot spacePlasticky interiorpremium pricing
It’s a good car marred by its premium price. Perfect gift for college kids with rich parents

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