New Models Mercedez CLK 2009 : Reviews and Specs

Good car overall with a few minor issues.. trunk light fell out three times due to sun exposure and or bumpy roads. I love the ride on the highway and its great on gas!!!..just wish the dash was more decked out for the price i paid..and that plastic part that pushes the seat belt out should be of a stronger material..not as luxury filled as people would think of when they think of a mercedes benz.
Far and away, the very best Mercedes Benz I've owned which include 3 SL's. This dream car has room for 4 adults and can accelerate 0-80 faster than a fighter jet. With 21,000 miles and nothing more than routine service, I would have to say it's a tipical Mercedes! Do yourself a favor, test drive this luxury vehicle on a nice day, with the top down, then again with the top up in city traffic. You won't believe how quiet it is.

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