2009 New Chevrolet Volt : Reviews And Specs

Solid circular Bodi Design of functional gril aim to wind stream . Including backside with cutting broken and also placing of spoiler, functioning quicken its exit wind stream. As for designed aggresive visible window corner to utilize to reduce resistance and turbulensi. Perfection of aerodynamic reached for by after examination by all designer in tunnel of angina ( tunnel wind) hundreds of hour. Its target so that Volt production version can reach goals explore as far as 64 km ( standard of EPA) without using gasoline and produce emission. For journey more than 64 km, Volt moved by battery of lithium-ion having 220 powered cell 16-kWh. When battery energi used up, gasoline machine / E85 ( ethanol) will alter its function as generator at the same time activator whereas till electricity at battery loaded again. Electrics Volt battery Energi also can fill at home. For voltage 240V, admission filling of battery only time butuh three hour. While tension 120V required eight hour.
Drawing of it, electrical mechanically Volt him can yield maximum energy equal to 150 hp with tired torsi 370 Nm. Whereas maximum speed which can reach for of reaching 160 km / hour. When this performa play at, Volt do not peep out mechanical voice within reason conventional gasoline car.

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