New Audi A1 Sportback 2009 :Cockpit Desain of AI, combination of sporty and classical.

Sport car of hibrida, not again new matter in world arena of otomotif. Even nowadays someone have been degraded arena confront to race. But sport car of hybrid marrying direct hypodermic system technology of turbo plus gasoline with electromotor, till now just developed by Audi. Because its different technology that's, Proud Audi and make A1 Sportback - even still limited to concept - as its in Paris Motor of Show 2008 that goes on Prancis in this time. In fact, conception A1 Sportback have been introduced last year in Tokyo Motor of Show. But in Paris, Audi AG present different model. IWhen previously A1 Sportback come up with model three colour and door which fishing " enthusiasm - red - this more authoritative, five door with dusty kelir- ash of Daytona. Sub-Kompak Premium of A1 classified by Audi as car of sub-kompak because length 4 m, wide 1,75 m, high 1,40 wheel tinder distance and m 2,4 m ( overhang become shorter). Is equal to Honda Jazz and of Toyota Yaris and shorter the than Suzuki SX-4. Feature and pledged by technology is Audi A1 appearance, interior design joining classic style and direct hypodermic gasoline engine plus sporty which equipped by turbocharger. Audi even also position A1 Sportback as premium sub-compact. Electromotor run vehicle when especial machine killed. With this condition, result emission really zero. According to Audi, electromotor more snugly used by car moment pass by quickly road housing. Its, besides do not generate whoop it up voice, its emission also zero. For that provided by electric plug make to fill moment battery reside in house ( plug-in). By, operating expenses become cheaper. For battery, to using that is lithium-ion. According to Audi, once full fill, battery can use of making to pass through over 50 km. also there is facility of start / stop laboring automatically. System cure of energy work effective enough. Enhanced, way of taking castaway electrics energy conducted with dynamo yielding electrics in transmission. Its result, with activator of hybrid, A1 can yield fuel consumption economical almost 30%, compared to iwhen relying on just gasoline engine. Sport character showed from its ability race from 0 - 100 km / hour, only in 7,9 second, maximum speed 200 km / hour. its Fuel consumption, 3,9 gasoline liter for distance 100 km / 25,6 km / liter with emission of CO2

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