Motor Ferrari

See photo above, You'D enquire, " *(It) is true***** Ferrari make motor? Isn'T it true that motor of Italian - also very recognized in Indonesia - is Ducati?" In reality,, Ferrari is true not make or motorbike of super bike, either through exclusive and also to be sold to public. But to designer of industrial product, the core important motor vehicle, cars of Ferrari is the source of inspiration. This also causing, a industrial designer from Israel, Amir of Glinik, bearing concept of superbike Ferrari. Confession of Glinik, he do not merely pouring its mind at motor of Ferrari this spontaneously. Its story, in early 2005, its marrow arise question, “Why Ferrari have no or make motor?" Even have known its clarification logic and answer, Glinik try to look for soybean cake about motor of Ferrari in internet. Its fact, he find that family of Ferrari have made the project of motor personal at 1953, that is Alfredo Ferrari. Since that's he study unique character of motorbike of Ferrari, for example forceps design and mechanism of suspension behind. He also continues to study component of Ferrari past to be re-attended.

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