I have tried the Mitsubishi Galant just to say I have tried almost all of the cars and ended up buying one! I was surprised with the quality this brings, which the astonishing 10 year warranty. Who gives 10 year warranties nowadays? It only gives credence that Mitsubishi backs up their production. Upon further examination from their website, they have been around the last 91 years, making car in Japan, as lonf as General Motors!What I like about my new 09 is the styling of the car. Very impresive as I notice those with models earlier, always checking it out. Styling is just about all I can say very positive on the car. I dont like the fact that the lights stay on in idle, where sometimes this may be a problem for me. I dont like the fact there is only one 12v plug in the entire car. I dont like the waffle like pattern on the dash. Already I see dust accumulating in the crevices, even though I wipe it down a few times a week. I dont like the fake pearl like strip on the dash. I dont like the fact theres a large whole under the grill where it can cause litter to hit the radiator. But all in all its ok. I guess I just have to get over these things
Key Technical Specs
Standard Engine
2.4L I4Standard Transmission
4 Speed AutomaticCylinders
4Horsepower @ RPM
160@5500Torque @ RPM
157@4000 (foot-lbs)

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