2011 Kawasaki Ninja 1000 First Ride Photo Gallery

This is exactly what guys in their 40's and up have been looking for.But I think kawasaki has copied my idea, I have a 86 ninja 1000, I loved the handling and power but wanted more practicality, built custom brackets and put in hard bags and custom brackets for top case, high handle bar risers. This turned out to be the perfect bike, all the power and control plus upright position and cruising capabilities with big the nig ninja stickers to tell all that its a rocket.

We want our bikes to be fast and fun for short rides and with a couple of clicks turn it into highway super tourer.So Kawasaki has read our minds and given us what us long time, older riders who dont want to move over to the cruisers want.hank you Kawi for seeing the light and getting this bike just right! You are spot on and in time your sales will reflect you nailing this project. All congrats to all who worked on this project. I could not see a more prefect bike for my wishes and needs. I will be FOR SURE buying it come late spring. I am a 36 year old male and this would only be my second bike. My current ride is a 2000 Aprilia Pegaso 650(assembly line twin of BMW F650). It only has 50hp, only goes up to 100mph, but of course is a dual sport. I tend to never go offroad though, and have wanted a way more powerful semi comfortable sports bike that can do light touring. I am not into crusers or naked bikes or large/bukly/heavy touring bikes, and most upper level big sport touring ones. And yes, race replica's are fun but very unpleasing for light touring. I had decided this next spring I am going to buy a new BMW F800st, or Honda VFR until just now I saw this bike come out. Susuki has a nice little 600cc sports tourer, but it is too cheaply built and underpowered for my needs, same with the above 2 bikes mentioned. Thus I was torn of weather I wanted to buy either of the 2 above(which are a little underpowered for my wishes), or get a Honda CBR1000rr or the uber cool BMW S1000RR and just put risers on and better seat/higher windscreen and suffer a bit trying to ride 2 hour rides. Thus, my dream bike is in-between the middle weight sport touring ones and Race Repli's: ie. this new Kawi Ninja 1000. What took you so long Kawi to build this perfect bike? I am a very odd buyer in that style means very much to me. I will never buy a big/heavy bloated tourer. And kawi's bikes to me the last few years(RR's) looked odd(bug eyes), plus I always hated Kawi green colors. This ninja is just right for all my needs and looks 9 stars out of 10 in my book. Thanks Kawi for allowing yourself to slip away from Kawi green for us non Kawi green fanboys. BTW- Your new ZX10R(in black color) is the coolest looking RR out there- even nicer then the BMW RR which I drool over. I want it soooo bad, but my back and joints tell my brain it wants your ninja 1000. I think I will listen to my bones:) Thank you Kawi for this new bike!!! Keep up the good work! SOURCE: www.motousa.com

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