Prices Nissan 370Z and GT-R 2011

The range of the GT-R 2011 is divided instead for Italy in the Premium Edition and Black Edition, lodged at 90,070 euros and 91,170 euros: the second is distinguished by the presence of Recaro sport seats, while the only option for all is that of the silver paint scratch, given a Euro 2000: no more information for the time being, the availability of the special versions Egoist. I see no sense to speak of prices as the 370Z are the same ... the only interesting thing was not that .... I am blessed construction GT what is and what it costs? sincerely or I'll take the 40,000 or z4 slk .and 90000 la carrera.with all due respect to nissan, cars are always great but always remain nissan can not compete with BMW or Mercedes instead of Carrea gtr? and that 'a joke? as self spot is I look at the performance, and for 90000 Carrea taking a step does not exist, you have to spend almost double. # 13 I three years ago I chose the Z4 coupe because the 350z was too long (lack of garage) and I did not like it completely. Then soon after came out the 370Z, the right length and I like totally. I love my car, but sometimes I think about it. Regarding the price, no doubt with the 370Z savings on purchases (especially the voice option), but then a 3.7 with 330 hp and keep me knows that it costs more ... and then continue to love my car.

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